Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forget the Grocery Game

You might know that I used to be an avid Grocery Game user. I paid about $5/month per store and a really clever lady who started a great business matched up coupons with sales. Now, with all of this blogging going on, I have finally found replacements that are completely free!!

The previous two posts are for Staters & Vons & I will be posting Ralphs shortly. :)

Look for these posts weekly & hopefully we can all maximize our savings.

Remember, if you are new to couponing: SAVE your coupon inserts. You never know when something will be totally free & you will want to go back and use your coupons.

I'll try to post my organization system in the next few weeks. Everyone has a different one, but I am really liking the one I currently use.

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