Monday, June 21, 2010

Drugstore/Superstore Matchups 6/20-6/26

Here are the drugstore deals for this week: I think I'm heading over to Target for sure. :)

Walgreens, free: 6 gillette products, Renu, Herbal Essences products, cheap: $.25 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, Huggies.

Rite Aid, free: colgate & motrin.

CVS, free: colgate & power bar.

Target, $.64 Eggo waffles, $.49 ziplock bags, 10 free sobes, $.60 Johnson & Johnson products, free Schick Hydro 3 Razor, free Olay Total Effects Body Wash, 3 free Windex products, 2 free Vanish drop-in toilet cleaners, $.25 Aveeno Body wash, free Air Wick

Internet status & grocery store update :)

So... I'm on hold with Verizon and they are *shrug* attempting to fix my problem again. Sorry again for the lack of posts.

Here's an update on the grocery stores from last week. You have until the 22nd to use these deals:

Food 4 Less
King Soopers
Stater Bros.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jamba Juice- $1 WED only

On Wednesday, June 16th, you can snag a Jamba Juice SuperFruit Smoothie 16 oz. for only a buck! Check out the Jamba Juice Facebook page for more information.

Drugstore/Superstore Matchups 6/13-6/19

A little late, but better than never, here are your drugstore/superstore deals. Lots of deals this week, so pick a store (or two or three if you have some free time) and snag some great prices.

Walgreens , Free stuff: 2 Nivea men's body wash, Schick razor, Neutrogena skincare, 2 massage toothbrushes, glucose monitor, and Post cereal!!
CVS, Free stuff: 2 Gilette Body wash & Schick razor
Rite Aid, Free stuff: 2 Herbal Escenses products, 2 clearasil products, Veet, & Bayer aspirin
Target, Free stuff: Clean & Clear products, Olay Total Effects Body Wash, Noxema razors, Scrubbing Bubbles extend-a-clean, 2 armor all products,

If you are new to couponing, see my post on the lingo here.
Thanks Moms by Heart & Hip2Save! :)


So sorry for the long absence, friends. My internet has been working poorly to say the least. However, Verizon assures me that it is all fixed and ready to go (TWO WEEKS LATER!), so we shall see...
Here's hoping!

Monday, June 7, 2010


My internet has been really poor and/or not working at all this past week, hence the lack of posts. I have over 200 bargain emails to sort through & can hardly ever open them :(

On top of that, me & my middle one got sick last night.

Forgive the lack of posts. Hopefully fixing internet soon...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drugstore/Superstore Matchups 5/30-6/5

Sorry this is late folks. I celebrated my 30th birthday this weekend & was SO busy that it took me this many days to catch up on emails. These deals are late, but AWESOME this week. Seriously, if you are choosing a week to start couponing, do it now (at Target if you go anywhere!!)

Check them out:

Target, OK... lots of deals here. $.04 yogurt, super cheap boneless/skinless chicken breasts, free Sobe Lifewaters (10 of them!), $.08 salad dressing, $.12 soup, $.17 Suave, free Listerine, $.27 mascara, free razors, free Nivea body wash, free panty liners, $.04 Benedryl, free floss, $.27 band-aids, free lightbulbs, Free scrubbing bubbles, free armor all, and $.22 stain remover!!!! Phew!

Rite Aid, free deoderant, pads, sunglasses, & cheap Huggies! (additional deals here)
CVS, free deoderant & floss
Walgreens, free floss, lifesavers, men's body wash, Kotex, toothpaste, aspirin, & multivitamins!!