Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drugstore/Superstore Matchups 5/30-6/5

Sorry this is late folks. I celebrated my 30th birthday this weekend & was SO busy that it took me this many days to catch up on emails. These deals are late, but AWESOME this week. Seriously, if you are choosing a week to start couponing, do it now (at Target if you go anywhere!!)

Check them out:

Target, OK... lots of deals here. $.04 yogurt, super cheap boneless/skinless chicken breasts, free Sobe Lifewaters (10 of them!), $.08 salad dressing, $.12 soup, $.17 Suave, free Listerine, $.27 mascara, free razors, free Nivea body wash, free panty liners, $.04 Benedryl, free floss, $.27 band-aids, free lightbulbs, Free scrubbing bubbles, free armor all, and $.22 stain remover!!!! Phew!

Rite Aid, free deoderant, pads, sunglasses, & cheap Huggies! (additional deals here)
CVS, free deoderant & floss
Walgreens, free floss, lifesavers, men's body wash, Kotex, toothpaste, aspirin, & multivitamins!!

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