Monday, February 8, 2010

Old Navy online coupons

Old Navy Weekly

Below are the new locations of the great Old Navy Weekly coupons! Valid until 2/11.

$50 off $100 – ( ALREADY GONE) –On the toddler girl’s t-shirt page, click the little chick that pops up out of Easter basket in the bottom right hand corner

$15 off $75 – Click on girl’s page, swap out gold sandals for red shoes

$10 off $50 – On toddler boy’s sweatshirt page – click on boys sweater vest on right, drag to jacket on toddler boys page

10% off – Click on boy’s face / crown

$5 off $25 – Click on toddler girls sweatshirt, red heart in center, drag to open heart to the left, still on sweatshirt

15% off – Click the butterfly on the girl’s sweatshirt page – you have to wait for the butterfly

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