Sunday, April 11, 2010

Late night post

I've decided to change my emailing time for when these posts get emailed to you (if you subscribe).

This all comes on the heels of my trip to North Tahoe this past week, and me seeing how awesome it was spending more time with my family with no need to hurry on and get the next thing done. So, I will try to "simplify, simplify, simplify", and one of those tasks I can easily simplify is email & this blog.

I am now going to try to just check my email & post blogs at night after the girls are sleeping. This is how it all started of course, but then deals get all exciting and I feel the need to post right away and then keep checking my email to be able to do so. I think on some very strange and bizarre level, I have even become addicted to checking my email!! How sad is that??!!

So, back to the original plan of posting in the evening. We might miss out on a few **today only** deals this way, but I promise that if we all spend this time with our families giving hugs and kisses, playing games & taking the time to enjoy each other, we won't really care that we missed a coupon for a free bag of cookies or something :)

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