Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ticket options at Sea World

Sea World

Here's all the info you could ever want to know about the best ticket options for Sea World right now. I was compiling this info for our family and thought I would pass it on.

Now through the rest of 2010, Sea World is offering $5 admission for children ages 3-12 when you purchase an adult ticket online (a $59 value). The best part about it is that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a wildlife conservation project of your choice. Click here for more details. (Adult tickets are $69)

There is also the fun card promotion, buy a ticket, get the rest of 2010 free (Adult tickets $69, child tickets, $59). The best deal (if willing to make an investment) is the buy a year, get a year free. It is $109 for anyone ages 3+, but it also includes a lot of discounts, no blackout dates, FREE Parking & 24 whole months of usage)

If you are in the mood to make it a very tourist weekend or vacation, there is always the Go San Diego card that offers admission to over 50 attractions (including Sea World) for prices DRASTICALLY cheaper than buying them individually. There is an online sale that ends tomorrow making these prices even cheaper. The SoCal City Pass has all the biggies, Disneyland, the zoo, Sea World, Universal Studios at a discounted rate as well. We used the San Francisco City Pass a few years back and just loved it!

Decisions, decisions.

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