Monday, March 1, 2010

Diet Diary

So I have this new post baby weight loss plan & it involves YOU!!
I will be posting this heading each week and commenting on what I ate each day that was best & what I ate each day that week that was worst for me. I am going to try my best to be completely honest & hopefully use this accountability to motivate me to not eat horrible junk (see comments below :))
Feel free to involve yourself in this project if you have any diet goals & want some accountability too!! Just leave a post on how your week went...

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Katie Bodell said...

This week for me:
Monday- best: salad; worst: 3 bags of mini M&Ms
Tuesday- best: protein shake; worst: taco bell lunch
Wednesday- best: protein shake; worst: candy hearts (NEED TO GET RID OF VALENTINES CANDY!)
Thursday- best: salad, worst: fettucini alfredo
Friday- best: shake; worst: rieces pieces
Saturday- best: sandwich?; worst: nutella crepes and/or chips, pizza, & wine!!
Sunday- best: in-n-out burger?!!; worst: waffle, mexican combo w/ chips!!

Here's to a better week :)

KFell said...

haha, I love this... I've tried it before with a food journal, and who knew that my laziness could outweigh (no pun intended) my bad eating habits... I've simply been too lazy to even record what I eat. But just listing the best and worst thing sounds easier than listing every single thing, so maybe I'll try that. But I'm starting with today, because yesterday was too shamefull... I don't even think there's a "best" :-P

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