Monday, March 22, 2010

Grocery/Drug store updates

I realize through many of your comments that you guys have been using the deals I post a lot more than I thought. I do not mean to leave you high & dry without deals, so I am going to continue to pray about continuing the blog. In the mean time, here is an udpate on information about grocery/drugstores posts, as these are the big problem I ran into with posting.

There are groups of bloggers who specifically match up coupons to sales & want you to visit their site so that they get web traffic and revenue for their efforts. Although some of the bloggers responding to me were upset with my citations, (and if I continue blogging, I will discontinue posting deals and links to them due to their attack), a few others just pointed out another way to post the deals and that many of them had done the same thing when they first started blogging the deals.

That said, there are a few bloggers who are searchable through Becentsable: Grocery Gathering. You can click on your state & then the store you are hoping to shop at to get that week's deals (deals are usually posted a day or so after the new ad).

If I decide to continue blogging, I will forward you the link to their post each week so that you can go there & print off your shopping lists. (as opposed to listing that store's entire deals)

In the mean time, here is the Becentsable website.

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