Monday, March 1, 2010

How I organize my shopping trips :)

A few have been asking how I go about organizing my shopping trips.
I start right here at this blog.

First I copy & paste the deals for a particular store (we'll say target) to a word document. I then go through & delete the deals I am either 1. not interested in or 2. don't have the coupon for.

I print out all the online coupons for the deals, cut the hard copies of the ones I need & then print my list to take to the store. I also use crayons in the store for marking off which stuff I have already. They are smaller, cheaper & less apt to dry out than a highlighter & they work just as good (just choose a light color!)

Another blogger is putting out a Walgreens for beginners series of posts. If anyone is interested, comment below & I will start including them in my posts for you guys to get started & feel comfortable with couponing, RR & how to manage it all. :)

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