Friday, March 19, 2010


Ok, so sorry for the delay (uh... 3 months) on posting about Swagbucks, but it keeps escaping my mind to blog about it. I thought of it again yesterday while sipping my Frappuccino. You'll see why...

Swagbucks is a fantastic little company that you do your internet searches through (ie. google). Instead of going to, I go to (or use the handy toolbar that I downloaded at the top of my browser) & I search for things just like I would use google. Only instead of just getting my search results, I could win (they are randomly awarded) swagbucks!!

I have been earning swagbucks since around Christmas, and just by doing my regular searches through their search engine, I've received $30 in starbucks gift certificates!! (real plastic ones that sit in my hand even). You can use your swagbucks to get lots of stuff, from gift certificates to Starbucks, amazon, and major retailers, to products and sweepstakes. It is just a generally amazing & fun way to search for whatever you search for and get free stuff while you are at it.

Did I tell you it was free?

Did I tell you to use this link & sign up & start winning? You get a bonus for signing up :)

Do it! You won't regret it (unless you like me use your swagbucks to buy starbucks & gain a few pounds! -- well worth it!)

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