Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Diet Diary

So... I bet you thought I forgot about my blogging food confessions...
No, I've just been busy.

Click through the link to see what good (& horrible) things I ate this week.
Oh... I did start an exercise program for new moms & (so far) it is not killing my back, so yay!

Remember, feel free to participate by commenting :)


Katie Bodell said...

Monday- best: celery & cream cheese snack, worst: candy :(
Tuesday- best: banana, worst: oreo cookies
Wednesday- best: ??? worst: hot dog
Thursday- best: shake, worst: pizza
Friday- best: healthy choice meal, worst:candy hearts (AHHH!)
Saturday- best:protein shake, worst:late night chips & salsa
Sunday- best: brown rice spaghetti, worst: (gulp): two donuts!!

KFell said...

Yeah, so I accidentally threw away my little tally sheet, but what I CAN tell you is that Girl Scout cookies are a problem. As are office birthdays (esp. when I make my special cake...). Oy. Good luck with your exercise program!

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