Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paper deal @ Staples

staples 1

Staples has reams of Hammermill paper on sale for $5.99. You get a $4.99 rebate with purchase so the net price is $1. That is a great price for copy paper and the rebates do come as actual checks you can cash (not store credit).

They also have a $1 sale on other items as well. It looks like tape, hole punches, markers and more will be just $1.

There is also a rebate on photo paper- buy HP Photo paper at $9.99 and get an $8.99 rebate so the net price is $1.

It looks like cases of photo paper are on sale Buy One Get One Free. You will spend $49.98 one two cases of paper and get a $24.99 rebate back making the net price $12.50 per case.

**If you have not done a Staples rebate before the form will print right on the bottom of your receipt. You can just submit the info online and they will mail you a check in roughly 8 weeks.

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